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Revisiting The Daily Huddle

So last week I pitched up for the 08:30 daily huddle at The Smile Spa (as per normal) and said my “hello’s” to the team. As I listened to the conversation, it dawned on me that they had made some changes to the questions asked around the room. With their permission and with huge thanks for their generosity – here they are:

  1. follow up calls

  2. number of FTA’s

  3. Number of late cancellations – reasons

  4. Today’s lists

  5. Outstanding payments

  6. Have any of today’s patients been referred to us – by whom?

  7. Special notes about patients today

  8. Today’s emergency times

  9. Any patients with more than 1 treatment plan open – if so WHY and action required

  10. Any unbooked treatments

  11. Any outstanding hygiene

  12. Voids for today, what opportunities do we have

  13. 24/48 hours, what opportunities do we have to fill voids

  14. Business cards, membership talks and patients finished today

  15. Voids filled from yesterday – actual figures

  16. Yesterdays To Do list (tasks, referrals etc)

  17. Today’s To Do list

  18. News from yesterdays patients

  19. Any other business

Every morning – 5 days a week – 20 minutes – 08:30 – attendance by all. Go and see their new web site.

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