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Regeneration 2.0 - the movie

OK - well not exactly a movie - but we have created an explainer video for those who are curious about joining the 124 practices (as of this morning) with whom I'll be working from 1st July to 31st December 2020 on their "return to work" recovery plans.

It is already a vibrant community of independent practices of all shapes and sizes, from single-chair practitioners to micro-corporates, from general to specialist and from beginners to the very experienced.

As dental technician Ashley Byrne said in a webinar we co-presented last week:

"We may not all be in the same boat but we are in the same storm"

In this 09:39 video, I explain how we helped during lockdown and how I intend to help dental practices to "bounce back higher" over the next 6 months, including reference to The Extreme Buying Group.

"I’m a sceptic - I joined the group thinking that it wasn’t too much £ to lose if it wasn’t worthwhile. Thank you Chris, it’s been an incredible first week - way more than value for money. Being part of the group, accessing all the technical updates, sharing experience, hearing experts say we don’t know but we’re doing our best... like a life belt in a choppy sea. Can’t thank you enough.

What’s surprised me most is how collaborative folks are prepared to be when the chips are down - it’s not generally been my experience of dentists at large that they can be so humble and so helpful. Perhaps you only attract the good ones, but let’s hope it’s a lasting change for the better."

Anne Griffiths

We are still accepting new members and you can register HERE.

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