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Please do not smile

So I’m off to India in February to deliver a 2-day Intensive on the business of dentistry for my friend Dr. Manish Chitnis.

To get an Indian visa I have to send some 50x50cm photographs, so it was off to big Tesco at lunchtime on Monday to part with £7.00 for the privilege.


…said the accompanying instructions.

I’m wondering what would happen if I ignored the instructions?

If we all did?

Would immigration officials succumb to some kind of mental torture if all they had to do all day was look at smiling photographs and then ask us to smile at them in order to be recognised?

Imagine, if you will, droves of smiling people entering your country and you having to see that 8-hours a day – how awful.

If we implemented a global “smile at your immigration official day”, would we all be refused entry and cause a huge log-jam in airports around the world?

Do immigration officers smile?

Do they have children who lighten their lives?

Do they see the sun set into the ocean at the end of a perfect day?

Do they cry when they hear a beautiful vocal?

Do they fall in love?

Those photographs above – that’s not me.

To my forthcoming Indian friends – you’ll be meeting the smiley guy.

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