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My friend and fellow business coach Simon Reilly from Vancouver Island is talking this week to his North American audience of financial advisors about what he describes as an "infodemic" to sit alongside the pandemic.

We sent out the invoices for August fees last weekend and I've seen 7% of my clients in The Regeneration 2.0 Coaching Programme withdraw.

I don't mind sharing that with you - it's the real world, not just sales talk.

7% of 150 clients - not enough to panic but simply to observe and ask them "why?"

Three reasons (and here comes an 80/15/5 - which I'll tackle in reverse order):

  • 5% - I don't have enough money to invest in being part of your community, even though I know I need to;

  • 15% - I'm selling my practice - I've had enough;

  • 80% - now that we are back at work, I simply don't have the time to download all the information you are sharing with us and engage with the community - I'm exhausted and time starved.

During lockdown we had a perfect environment for the supply side of dentistry - a combination of unprecedented FOMO and lots of available time.

So dentists in their thousands showed up for Facebook Live, Zoom and webinars.

The landscape has now changed. There's less to be worried about missing out on and little or no time.

I referred to this in the lead article for my August newsletter, "Fear of FOMO".

So the supply side (that includes me) must rethink their approach.

One of the consequences of this is that I'm currently investigating ways in which we can package "information" such that owners and managers can still access, digest and benefit, even though they are crazy busy.

The "infodemic" is coming to an end.

The message to the 93% wh are still my clients is to "watch this space". I have some ideas brewing.

p.s. That means we have some vacancies for new clients - find out more HERE.

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