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On walking through Employment minefields

I'm experiencing a theatrical "first night" excitement this morning as at 09:00 I'll be introducing Sarah Buxton to the first of our 7 regional workshop audiences (Belfast) an settling back to experience her one-day HR Masterclass.

We always start with a relatively small audience in Northern Ireland, who have been so helpful in previous quarters in helping us to present material for the first time and give constructive feedback and suggestions.

It was never part of the plan to do dress rehearsals in Northern Ireland - it just worked out that way and I know that our clients here are appreciative of the fact that we even bother to travel across the water.

I've worked with Sarah before at Practice Plan workshops and trade shows and so I have no doubts about her ability.

It will be fascinating to listen to the content. We are covering:

  • Equality and Diversity;

  • Recruitment;

  • Everything in between, and

  • Termination.

A complete guide on how best to succeed in the employment landscape and to stay out of trouble.

I have little doubt that our audiences over the next three months will have endless examples of real-life situations from the bizarre to the ridiculous.

Just to be on the safe side, I have with me 43 laminated A4 sheets, with real-life cases that Sarah and her team have dealt with recently.

You wouldn't believe some of them - but we know that "there's now't so queer as folk."

Being an Employer in the current landscape is like walking a minefield.

I'm looking forward to listening to one of UK dentistry's foremost guides today.

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