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New dental web site

It can be difficult to get excited about a new dental web site – the formula is becoming well established.

  1. the funky name and logo

  2. the moving graphic on the home page

  3. the pictures of team and premises

  4. the KEDO

  5. the call for action

and so I am perhaps difficult to please.

But this morning David Cunningham sends me the link to his new site at Spring Grove Clinic in the East of Glasgow – and I am truly delighted and surprised to see something new.

I love the way in which the key components above have been embraced and yet improved upon.

This site is pioneering – it represents a step forward in web architecture and graphic design.

Style isn’t transferable – its not important whether I like the colours or the overall atmosphere.

What matters is that this is thought leadership – and moves us all to a new place.

Bottom line – of course – I’ll be watching very carefully the SEO results and the number of new patients and treatment plans that the site generates.

For now – a real breath of fresh air.

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