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Monday morning blues

Its not often I get a dose of this – I love the work I do and the people I work with – so why have I been attacked by the blues this morning? Ezine was written before 7.45am, podcast recorded before 8.15am and I’m now looking at 49 emails that arrived over the weekend and thinking “beam me up Scottie” as another busy week swings into action. I think its just a touch of overwhelm – so much to do and so many issues to deal with, both professionally and personally. The danger is that I will slip into “poor me” syndrome – so I’ll need to watch that in the next few hours. I have a 4 hour drive later this afternoon and I’m going to make sure that there are some uplifting conversations whilst traveling. Speaking to other people is what I need to do – I’m my own worst company when I’m like this.

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