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Mastering Leadership Amidst Chaos - a guest post by Mark Topley

How the Great Boss Bootcamp Transforms Busy Professionals into Impactful Leaders

We’re increasingly aware that developing leadership skills is a crucial aspect of professional growth and success, yet the challenge of balancing this development with a busy job can be overwhelming. In the fast-paced, demanding practice environment that many of us face daily, it can be difficult to prioritise personal growth amidst our professional responsibilities. The pressure to lead the team, meet targets, and practice dentistry often takes precedence, leaving little time to focus on enhancing your leadership abilities.

The struggle to allocate time and energy to leadership development is further exacerbated by the fact that these skills are not always tangible or easily quantifiable, making it challenging to gauge progress or justify the time spent on it. However, neglecting this aspect of personal growth can hinder our success and make it harder to recruit, retain and engage our teams.

It’s important to acknowledge that in spite of the busy nature of our jobs, investing in leadership growth is essential for long-term success. In the end, the rewards of honing our leadership abilities will outweigh the challenges faced during the development process.

This is exactly why I created the Great Boss Bootcamp. Although it started as a response to help principals and managers to cope with the huge leadership demands of the pandemic, it has turned out to be a game-changing solution for busy leaders looking to develop their leadership skills without sacrificing their day-to-day responsibilities. As highlighted by the glowing testimonial of Lorraine Wilson, Group Business Manager at Pain Free Dental Group, who recently went through the course with 15 of her practice managers.

"When our group grew to 14 practices, we realised the need to align our leadership team," she explains, citing the challenges of rapid expansion. The Great Boss Bootcamp emerged as a perfect solution, with all 15 participants unanimously agreeing it was "one of the best leadership training experiences we've had."

What makes the Great Boss Bootcamp stand out is its course structure, which incorporates weekly one-hour calls and follow-up assignments. This approach ensures that "busy practice managers remain engaged and focused on their personal development." The content itself is described as "perfectly balanced," emphasising coaching and practical application.

The bootcamp keeps everyone engaged throughout the sessions, maximising the value of the time spent on the course. Lorraine says that the course content has become "a reference point to ensure we make informed decisions and take the right actions."

The Great Boss Bootcamp goes beyond mere theory, offering a scoring system for core values and a focus on constructive feedback during challenging conversations. This approach leads to immediate improvements in management and leadership skills, which are "easily actionable." As a result, the bootcamp has had a "significant positive impact on our daily operations."

In summary, the Great Boss Bootcamp is the ideal solution for busy leaders seeking to enhance their leadership skills in a time-effective and engaging manner. With its short but impactful one-hour sessions and easily actionable content, you will see immediate improvements in your management processes.

"I would wholeheartedly recommend this bootcamp to anyone looking to develop strong leaders within their organisation," says Lorraine. Their endorsement underscores the bootcamp's effectiveness in creating a more aligned and effective organisation.

If you're a busy leader who is considering investing in your leadership skills, don't hesitate. The Great Boss Bootcamp is the essential reference point for building the habits and skills necessary to succeed in today's fast-paced business environment.

Bootcamps only run three times a year, with the next one open for registrations now. Spaces are limited, and registration closes at midnight on Tuesday 9th May, with the course starting the next day at 7pm. For more details and to register now, visit

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