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Magic Box

What they didn’t tell you about Marketing at your last Dental Conference (but you need to know) To get to Luxembourg and Belfast this week I didn’t learn how to build a plane and take flying lessons – I just bought a ticket from some people who know how to do both. But when it comes to marketing – here’s what we hear on a weekly basis: I don’t have enough new patients I don’t have enough time to do anything about it I don’t have enough people in the business to do any marketing I don’t have enough money to invest in marketing I don’t know where to start Is the problem here really “marketing”? The benefits of getting this right are substantial. Across my client base (and we monitor this closely) new private patients can generate an average of up to £1750 of treatment in their first year of practice membership. If principally the Principal can allocate a decent chunk of time to treating those new patients, it has a dramatic and positive effect on cash flow and profits. The Principal who is strapped to the mast of servicing a large and historic patient base – with little time for new patients and passing them to an associate is taking a big financial hit as a consequence. The benchmark across that same client base is to generate 20 new patient enquiries (for private treatment, not just for a check up) PER MONTH PER FULL TIME DENTAL SURGERY. On average I would expect two-thirds to take up treatment – that’s 12 at £1750 each per month. Anything less and the marketing plane is running down the runway but never travelling fast enough to take to the air. There is absolutely LOADS of new business out there, irrespective of your post code. Independent research indicates that the UK private dental market is set to grow from over £5bn to over £8bn in the next 5 years (why else would retailers, supermarkets and corporates be fighting for market share?). People are buying treatment in your area, the only issue is whether they are buying it from YOU. Here at 7connections we know how to build and fly an effective marketing engine (admittedly as do other coaches, consultants and marketing companies). Marketing is an elaborate but very simple process that requires time, money and the people to do it. THERE IS NOTHING CLEVER ABOUT MARKETING. (Although understanding the difference between the direct and on-line advertising mentioned above versus relationship and online marketing can save you thousands in wasted expenditure). Simply put, in dentistry you need:

  1. robust systems to generate up-sales from your existing patients

  2. word of mouth referrals

  3. on-line enquiries

  4. direct marketing responses.

Simples. So the solution lies in recognition that the problem is not one of marketing – it is a resource problem: if you don’t don’t have enough new patients if you don’t have enough time to do anything about it if you don’t have enough people in the business to do marketing if you don’t have enough money to invest in marketing if you don’t know where to start What would it be like if we could show you a way to solve all of those problems by making one simple decision (to buy a flight ticket) AND LEAVE THE REST TO US? Let 7connections build the plane and fly it, with you and your team as co-pilots and passengers Sit back, enjoy the flight and rest assured that you will arrive at your destination safely and on time. Introducing…… THE MAGIC BOX [] Want to be the first to hear more about the Magic Box? Register below and be in with a chance of winning a free trial

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