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Loyalty Cards

Is it me? I just listed the loyalty cards I have with me a I travel: Hilton Diamond VIP Card (my favourite – when I walk into a Hilton Hotel, the Red Arrows fly overhead) Radisson Gold Points plus Marriott Rewards Waterstone’s Bookstore The Falmouth Bookseller British Airways Executive Club BMW Recovery Tesco Club Card Nectar Card (Sainsbury/BP/Debenhams) Tracker Stolen Vehicle Recovery Pizza Express! (they send me vouchers after every 10th meal and on my birthday!) That’s every day I walk out of the door – I carry them with me along with bank and credit cards. Why do they work? Because, as we all know, “points make prizes” – and I have enough Hilton points to take about 2 weeks free accommodation anywhere on the planet – quite apart from the pleasure of automatic upgrades and queue-jumping. All of these organisations recognise two basic facts: 1. That I have choice as to where I spend my money and 2. That they have to REWARD ME FOR MY LOYALTY So my question is – why don’t my dental practice do that? And why don’t my dental practice give me prizes for my loyalty? There are so many ways they could reward me: Premium appointment times Special discounts Nice little gifts Upgrades on materials Surprises Priority I’m not pointing a finger at just MY dental practice – I’m looking at yours as well – do you have a loyalty card and a rewards scheme? REWARD YOUR PATIENTS FOR THEIR LOYALTY They have choice – and they chose you. Make it worth their while.

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