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Lessons from Vienna

Monday morning and I wake for my third and final day in this lovely European capital.

What have I learned whilst I’ve been here?

  1. It’s good to take some quality time out with family;

  2. Easyjet check in at Gatwick is effortless;

  3. AirBnB is a great way to enjoy good accommodation at low prices and much more relaxing than a hotel;

  4. You can serve an 18″ pizza for 10 euros in a lovely restaurant, smile and still make a profit;

  5. In a blizzard, if you have the right equipment, there is no reason why things can’t carry on as normal;

  6. Walking is a wonderful way to discover the pulse of a city;

  7. We live in a world in which a famous painting (The Kiss) has a room next to it, with a copy of the masterpiece, designated as the “selfie point”;

  8. Freud was fascinating and fearless;

  9. I need to do this more often.

I’m taking a free day today and back in London at midnight.

The business blog proper will be back tomorrow (as will I).

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