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Leadership in 2024 : Lessons from an Island

Ten years ago this weekend I packed my bags, said "goodbye" to my family, and flew from Manchester, through Schipol, to Panama City.

There were a few other Brits on the flight but I wasn't allowed to speak to them.

In Panama City, the other Brits and I were shepherded into separate cabs and driven to a hotel looking over the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal and further escorted into separate rooms, from which we were instructed not to emerge.

The next morning, we boarded a vessel that took us about three hours out into the Gulf of Panama, landed on a small island and checked in to individual chalets dotted around a small sub-tropical island, where, over the next few days, we were given basic survival training by former SAS members.

During one afternoon, we were driven in golf buggies to an island airstrip and filmed, standing in line and scaring into the sky, out of which appeared a very sleek, black helicopter, piloted by none other than Bear Grylls (a very Bond-like entrance).

The rest is history - on 1st February we were taken in two speedboats to another island in the archipelago chain, this one deserted, dumped into a mangrove swamp and left to survive for a month with 24 hours water, no food, very little gear and even less idea.

What happened next became a BAFTA award-winning "best reality TV series" later that same year.

What happened during that month changed me forever (and the 12 men with me).

On Wednesday 21st February at 19:00, I'll be joining the team at Frank Taylor & Associates to talk about the experience and share with you some stories that didn't make it to the TV screens.

I will take you behind the scenes, sharing candid moments from the show and revealing how this adventure became a powerful metaphor for the challenges we all face in our daily lives – both in business and personally. 🌟

From the viewpoint of "The Island with Bear Grylls", discover the essential leadership skills needed to build and run your dream practice, and learn how to create the ideal team structure. 🚀

🎯 Objectives:

- Identify key leadership skills for practice success.

- Define your dream team's composition and organisational structure.

- Set service standards for your staff.

- Identify and nurture star team members.

- Establish behavioural expectations.

- Address weaknesses and challenges.

- Implement checks and measures for consistent excellence.

📚 Learning Outcomes:

- Distinguish between leadership and management.

- Navigate difficult conversations.

- Understand behavioural styles.

- Master task and time management.

Sign up here👇

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