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Just in case you were wondering..

Yes – I am back from holiday and started work again on Tuesday like many others. I’ll admit that I made a mistake – and that was to agree to three straight days of “delivery” – Tuesday and Wednesday workshops and today a practice visit – with literally hundreds of miles of driving between. It has left me physically exhausted and struggling to keep up with the “incoming”. I need a holiday 😉 The good news is that Friday is a business development day. I’ll be staying over in Bristol tonight and spending the whole of tomorrow morning in glorious solitude, making sure that all emails, phone calls and project work are completed before the weekend – and meeting with Phillippa tomorrow afternoon to look at “everything” and the next 90-days. The moral of the story is that, after a 2-week break – I should have allocated one or two preparatory days before hitting the road again – in the same way that a dentist who hits the surgery running should have allocated a day or so just to get back “up to speed”. Even now I am still making simple mistakes with costly consequences in terms of energy levels. I guess it’s sometimes OK to make the same mistake more than once – when you are your own victim? As I mentioned in an earlier Tweet – 143 emails when I woke this morning – who said there was a recession? Who said “I don’t need a coach?” Business is good – and there is always room for more. I’ll be writing over the next few days about some of the opportunity I’m seeing in the market at the moment – and some of the wonderful people I have met in the last 48 hours. Its going to be an exciting Autumn. As to Twitter – I’m getting tired at some of the pretentious self-help clichés that are posted by wannabee coaches and consultants around the globe. I may start the anti-tweet as a hobby – just posting phrases that sound great but make no sense – you may have seen that I started last night.

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