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I do love a good Gantt chart

A couple of weeks ago I shared with you the story of my visit to a client that resulted in:

8 simple steps to grow your profits

You can revisit that HERE

A few days ago I was delighted to receive a link to a spreadsheet, created by the owners to tiem-activate all the tasks we had agreed on at our meeting.

With permission (and appropriate shading) I share that with you above.

They have taken the magic whiteboard and post-it notes that we created on 5th january and turned that into a shareable Excel file, so that the owners, managers and their coach can follow the progress over the months ahead.

You'll also notice that tasks for the first quarter have been allocated to named individuals as project lead - not necessarily TO DO but to ensure that things GET DONE.

Also, that we have planned out to the end of 2025.

My clients enter 2023 with a new-found increase in clarity and confidence and a direction in which to head.

We have moved from overwhelm to a digestible elephant.

Doesn't that make sense?

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