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How are your team?

Most of my clients are reporting that they are either comfortably hitting their NHS targets (where applicable), successfully recruiting new members for their dental plans and hitting all-time records for fee per item production.

I've had more than one client tell me that their 12 month production to the end of February 2021 was higher than the corresponding year to Feb 2020, even accounting for the original lockdown.

After all the uncertainties and challenges of the last year, independent dentistry does seem to be emerging smelling of roses from at least a financial point of view. This points to an amazing adaptability and resilience by the profession. Something to be proud of.

However, beware of the price being paid to hit these outstanding production figures.

A big message from last week's client progress reports was the widespread feedback that teams are becoming increasingly weary with the relentless groundhog weeks.

We already know that some team members are leaving the profession for less demanding jobs at similar pay.

Others are slipping on their SOPs and must be monitored carefully.

Morale may be slipping.

Now is a time to be taking a special interest in the health of your team.

A quick reminder of why people go to work and why they stay with a particular employer.

Why they go to work depends on how far "up" Maslow's hierarchy of needs they wish to travel:

  1. Survival

  2. Security

  3. Community

  4. Purpose

  5. Self-actualisation

Different strokes for different folks.

Why they stay depends upon the existence of 4 necessary features:

  1. Appreciation

  2. Fair pay

  3. Career pathway

  4. Fun

Now might be good time to carry out some Personal Progress Interviews. To tell people how much you appreciate what they do, to review their remuneration, to plot a course for their future and to at least plan for some fun when restrictions ease.

Just checking.

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