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OK – time to close it all down.

Emails answered.

All remaining “to do’s” and projects posted forward to 2nd August.

Auto-responder switched to “on” with vacation message.

All Professional and Domestic bills paid to the end of the month.

As previously mentioned – Macbook, iPad and technology in secure mothballs.

Big agreement with Annie – we are NOT taking our iPads to Ithaca – because we know darn well what will happen…..

Our beautiful boutique hotel (this is year 6) has wifi and sure as Apples is Apples, we’ll be checking into Facebook every evening.

No chance.

My daughters are coming with us this year for the first time – Rachel (17) and Ellie (15) and that will create a new dimension as we cruise around the islands on our little boat.

I’m so looking forward to the journey (2 days in Athens first – take the girls to see the Parthenon), to the arrival in Vathi, to re-connecting with the Grivas family and the staff at the hotel and to hugging my friend Dennis at Sirens when we arrive for dinner.

To lazy days on the boat and equally lazy evenings, with good food and wine.

To sunsets over the harbour.

To sleep – sleep – sleep.

To reading good novels (NO business books).

More than perhaps all of this, I’m looking forward to the connection with my loved ones and the chance to recover, recharge, revitalise my mind and body.

The first 6 months of this year have been my “best year yet” since 1987, when I became self-employed – a year of growth, evolution and opportunity.

I have NEVER been so excited about the future. I have NEVER considered myself so blessed.

For now – my wish for you is everything I wish for myself.

If your year is a tough one, remember – “all things will pass” and, as I have done so many times in the past, keep going.

If you are having a great year – enjoy the moment.

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