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Here's an interesting question for dental practice owners

The dual-appointment system for the delivery of preventative maintenance in independent private dentistry is no longer economically viable.

Paying dentists to deliver check ups doesn't make financial sense.

Owners must choose:

  • The hygiene pop-in system or

  • Dental Therapists utilising their full scope of practice.

Please discuss.

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"no longer economically viable" for the practice or the patient? As Peter says if we charge appropriately to pay our teams fairly then it may not be no longer economically viable for the patient, if we charge what the patient deems fair the dentist, therapist or hygienist may find it is no longer economically viable for them.

Someone may have to choose wealth over health or visa versa.

Mi piace

It is economically viable providing you charge the patients correctly and pay the dentist, therapist or hygienist fairly. The patient benefits from "belt and braces" care, where there are 2 opportunities for issues or opportunities to be picked up, plus scope for reinforcement of advice.

Mi piace
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