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Getting your team onboard by getting them off-site

"Dear Chris

Thank you for the visit last Wednesday 9th August - fabulous as always.

The morning discussion of the Practice Management Agenda was valuable especially in respect of looking at the reports from our new accountants.

The afternoon session with our full team off site was so productive.

The team enjoyed the whiteboard break out sessions and it allowed them to mix it up and contribute ideas.

The total patient experience was dissected and novel ideas generated to improve the offerings and expand our 5 star service.

We made a composite list from all the whiteboards and the team are today adding their names to the list and volunteering to move this forward.

Everyone will have a task to allow us to get stuff done quickly.

Tell other Practices that I highly recommend this approach for the engagement it yields.

As a Practice we have been coaching like this with you for close to 20 years!

This definitely gives the team something to talk about. A quick buffet lunch before we get going and it's all great fun.

See you soon."

Amanda Small

Helens Bay Dental Practice, Northern Ireland

(p.s. we also presented a Study Club evening for their referring GDP's the same day)

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