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Getting the basics right and staying on track

A reminder at last week's Extreme Business workshops in Leeds, that when we run our own businesses, we have to get the basics right before we can start exploring the advanced stuff.

What "basics" am I referring to?

Time - taking control of your calendar 18 months in advance, so that you have the correct proportion of free time, then time to work ON your business and time to work IN your business.

Money - taking control of your professional and personal finances on a weekly basis, so that you know exactly where every penny is coming from and going to.

People - taking control of your personal advisors and your professional support team, so that you can focus on delivering the work that best showcases your talents and that allows you to delegate, automate or eliminate everything else.

The first challenge with any new client is to take them on the journey to greater control of these three basics.

Once that is done, the second challenge is to share with them the advanced stuff on:

  • finance

  • marketing

  • the patient experience

  • leadership & management

  • the 5 revolutions in dentistry that will keep them ahead

The third challenge is to keep them on the tracks with the first challenge!

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