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Filming, Fun and Far-flung Destinations


Oman Photograph by Tino Solomon – Co-Founder, 7explorers

A hugely enjoyable time at Dental Focus yesterday, working with Krishan and the team on the creation of extensive video material for their future marketing.

Main focus for CB, the “remake” of our original 2010 videos on “the 7 P’s of how to personalise your web site and gain the attention of visitors”.

Fascinating to consider how much has changed even in the 6.5 years since we first filmed those interviews against a noisy trade show background.

A pleasure (and fun) as always to work with Jem Patel and his team at JSP Media Group who have the uncanny ability to get “one take” out of people who have never worked in front of a camera before – and to bring the best out of us old-timers.

On the subject of 7’s, last night I attended a much-needed catch up meeting with my co-founders at 7explorers, our “bespoke exploratory remote travel and expeditionary company” (phew – we have to work on a simpler version of that).

Plans are now finalised for our first training weekend for the guest explorers who will be travelling with us to Oman in February 2017.

At the end of September we will be taking them to the Kielder Forest in Northumberland, there to explain highlights of our itinerary for next Spring and also to deliver some basic training on the essentials necessary for their safety and enjoyment.

I want to pay tribute here to the background work that has been done by my two co-founders Sandy Sanderson and Tino Solomon – the preparation has been meticulous and in the business of dentistry we could learn from their attention to detail.

Once we had dealt with operational matters outstanding last night, the conversation really did step up a gear when we started to discuss our future plans for the next three years of the company, with particular reference to potential destinations.

I’m not going to give the game away here but what I will say is that:

  1. we have plans for a second event later in 2017, recognising the interest expressed by so many of you

  2. our future plans for each year include

  3. 4-day locations in the UK

  4. 7-day locations in Europe

  5. 21-day immersions in remote global destinations

The list of potential destinations is pretty mind-blowing for folks (like you and I) who have never been exposed to really remote travel.

Additionally, we plan not to simply take people off the grid, we want them to also have the opportunity to engage in appropriate physical and mental exercises that will help them to get the most personal benefit from the events.

Our expectation is that we will be making a formal announcement about the 2017 second location in the next few weeks and that details of future locations will emerge in the early part of next year.

Part of our USP is that numbers are limited – we want a very high ratio of “experts” to guests and also groups that are small enough for each individual to have the opportunity of a life-changing experience.

From my own perspective, the last few months have made me realise that I want 7explorers to be an integral part of my professional life going forward, not just an annual holiday in crazy places.

Having seen the benefits personally of an “off the grid” experience, I’m committed to help create environments (albeit not so harsh) in which others can have the chance to “reboot their own operating system” (thank you Simon Reilly) and become better in and with their world.

Our meeting concluded at 22:45 and, I’ll admit, I fell into bed at midnight last night with a head full of exciting destinations.

I’m looking forward to sharing my excitement with you.

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