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Efficient or Extraordinary?

Surprise is potent.

A client or patient will smile or sing about the delightfully unexpected.

They will simmer or roar at the disappointingly unexpected.

The consequences are disproportionate.

There is no leverage any more in being efficient.

We expect our transport to be on time, our room to be ready, our appointment to be fulfilled.

We will respond with irritation if you keep us waiting or if you fail to appreciate our uniqueness.

You won’t get a sale, a review or a recommendation for simply being efficient.

It is only when you take us on a journey beyond the obvious that we are motivated to buy, to vote, to share.

Google and Trip Advisor aren’t full of “5 out of 10” reviews.

It’s the 1’s and the 10’s that get the mentions.

You can choose to be at either end (to delight or disappoint) but you cannot survive being a 5.

5 is invisible.

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