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"Digital Dynamite" really did explode across the UK

Belfast, London, Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds - and, finally, Edinburgh.

Over the last three months it has been my pleasure to host our Q3 workshops for a combined audience of over 350 team members and clinicians, who have been spellbound by Marcos White and Cat Edney.

"Digital Dynamite" was the title - because we wanted to blow up history - and replace it with a "today" that includes:

  • The comprehensive use of intra-oral scanning at every step of the patient journey from first consult, through dental health review to the most complex treatment;

  • The role of the Digital TCO in scanning, communicating with and triaging patients;

  • The role of the Modern Dental Therapist who makes full use of their GDC scope of practice;

  • The off-site design and on-site 3D printing of a variety of dental solutions.

The bottom line isn't just that this:

  • impresses patients to the extent that they buy more and tell their friends;

  • creates a stimulating workplace that team and clinicians want to join and don't want to leave....

It also changes the bottom line financial performance of the dental business to a greater extent than any development I've seen in the last three decades - including wages down from 25% of turnover to 15% - lab costs down from 14% of turnover to 8% (examples from The Extreme Business 100 client base). The bottom line is, the bottom line goes up in a world of increasing costs.

A increase of 16% in net profit before tax pays for a lot of capital equipment finance - and hugely increases your EBITDA for valuation purposes.

We presented the last workshop yesterday in Edinburgh, after a "thank you" dinner with my speakers at Hawksmoor on Wednesday evening, during which we all agreed that the tour has been a blast (pun intended).

In a few weeks time we will begin our Q4 tour with a brand new speaker and topic - more of that to follow.

For now, I want to extend my gratitude to both Marcos and Cat, who have delivered everything I hoped for and more besides.

My thanks also to Align Tech for making the iTero available at every workshop and equally to ESM Digital Solutions for bringing along the Sprintwray.

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