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Did you make a Valentine’s Day offer?

Pizza Express never miss a trick – and this morning invited me to eat there over the weekend.​​Now I have to admit that the announcement of a romantic meal for two at Pizza Express is likely to produce a rather disdainful look at home – but the idea is a good one, because I’ll bet there are plenty of people who will just use the offer for a Saturday or Sunday lunchtime.​​Question is – did you make a Valentine’s Day offer for a dental product for “someone you love”?​​I can’t imagine giving a girlfriend or partner a tooth whitening voucher – that’s in danger of being followed by a slap in the face.​​“Are you suggesting my teeth are yellow?”​​But that’s not the point – its more about creating awareness of your biggest selling products and services (remember The Great 8 from a previous post).​​How’s about a quick mail-shot or email (you can see the power of emails in this situation) in the next few days, to suggest that if a treatment is booked between now and the end of the month, you will give a special Valentine’s gift – a box of yummies from Hotel Chocolat, an ipod nano, a bunch of roses, champagne.​​Or maybe you will do the same for anyone who missed an appointment in January (snow and all that) and gets back in the book before the 28th.​​Don’t give discounts, add value.​​And don’t be afraid to use every excuse in the calendar.

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