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Dealing with difficult conversations - the August focus in The Extreme Business Academy

The August 2020 content for members of The Extreme Business Academy focuses on the subject of handling difficult conversations with patients, team members and clinicians.

As always, we strive to make the monthly tutorials and interviews directly relevant to market conditions, as well as creating an archive of material that owners and managers can refer back to in the future.

My August tutorial covers the 4 essential steps in handling difficult conversations in the return to work phase. Whether it's:

  • A patient demanding to be seen in spite of your triaging system;

  • A team member who doesn't want to comply with new working practices;

  • A clinician who is unhappy with their contract terms;

I share a simple but effective guide to getting your point across and accepted.

Continuing the theme, my August interview is with my own business coach, Rachel Turner.

We discuss one of my favourite pieces of psychological research, The Karpman Drama Triangle, and how understanding it helps us to respond to those who want to engage us in emotionally charged conversations.

Members who watch these two videos will be equipped to enter into awkward situations and conversations armed with an internal toolkit that will protect them and provide the communication techniques to achieve a positive result.

As we all move into time starvation and a new landscape, it is more useful than ever to have access to an archive of training material that you can absorb in your own time.

The updated and complete back catalogue for The Academy is attached.

Membership of The Academy requires an investment of just £9.99 per month or £107 per year and you can join HERE.

Download • 145KB

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