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Burned out today – and a thought on customer feedback

Its been an exhausting week both physically and emotionally and right now on Thursday night I am feeling very burned out with another working day to go. I have presented workshops in Lancashire, Leeds and Birmingham, spent a full day working at home and have a trip to London and back tomorrow for a practice visit in the City (with a 4.00am start – groan). Many years ago that would have been an average week but I have to admit that, as I grow gracefully older, it becomes more difficult! A good question at today’s workshop on customer service feedback. I had suggested that a group of 20 VIP customers were asked to give positive feedback on what they liked best about your customer service. My rationale was that they may tell you things you did not expect and allow you to get even better. A client asked “would it not be appropriate to ask for negative feedback as well?” I shared my own experience form the early days of my coaching workshops, at the end of which I would ask delegates “what did you like best and least?” I found that the “best” was often overlooked in the heated debate about the “least” – so I decided to separate them. “At the moment I’m asking for positive feedback and not accepting negative feedback – but I will set aside some time for that at a future date – so what did you like best?”

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