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Branding in dentistry

James Goolnik and I have been collaborating on-line via iWork 09 on the creation of today’s NEW presentation to an audience of over 80 people in central Birmingham.

Since agreeing to this project, we have met once (what seems a long time ago) to agree the broad outline using a mind-map.

From there, using Keynote and the ability to share our work on-line, we have evolved a full-day presentation that embraces:

  1. the history and philosophy of branding

  2. the role of branding in business today

  3. the role of branding in dentistry

and then on to

  1. branded experiences

  2. and “BE’s” in dentistry

In particular, I’m excited that James will be sharing a detailed explanation of his own branding and marketing, an abundance of ideas for the audience, including the impending launch of his iPhone app for patients – I believe the first in the UK.

James has been working very closely with my IT partner, Kimberly Black and the results are outstanding.

The Bow Lane iPhone app will include the ability to book appointments, review the services of the practice, broadcast special offers, watch video’s of the team and patient testimonials, get directions and immediately include the practice details in “address book” – further features are planned.

We will also be looking at case studies of other dental businesses that have used both branding and branded experiences to create their competitive edge.

Its all new today – that’s why James and I were up until midnight last night putting the finishing touches together – and meet at 07:00 for the last look.

I’m excited about the day ahead – a finale to a 12-day tour of Britain that has provided lots of ideas and stories – allowing me to develop my thoughts on “what’s next” for us all.

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