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Becoming a pure entreprenuer

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking this week about the Michael Gerber distinctions between technician, business owner and entreprenuer – prompted by a conversation on this subject 2 weeks ago that has been rattling around inside my head ever since.It seems that there are some clear distinctions:

  1. T (technician) – generates own income through technical work and uses own money/borrowings to fund it;

  2. TBO (technical business owner) – as above but also has other income generators at work (still using own money/borrowings);

  3. TE (technical entreprenuer) – stops doing income generation – allows others to generate income but still uses own money/borrowings;

  4. PE (pure entreprenuer) – has stopped doing income generation and is delegating or outsourcing all income generation and work AND is using external money/borrowings to make it happen.

So the ultimate entreprenuer is combining other people’s work and other people’s money to create personal wealth. I know that’s common sense – but it helps me to write it down and to clarify where I am have been, where I am and where I want to go. I’ve been self-employed for 21 years in January – and I’ve been a T (technician) for most of those years. Only in the last 2/3 years have I started to transition towards TBO (technical business owner) by allowing a few select individuals to either present to or coach clients – the contribution this has made to overall sales has been minimal. As a result, I have always been income rich and asset poor. The creation of Breathe Business is a step towards TE (technical entreprenuer) in that Simon and I intend to create a team of practice analysts and co-presenters but we are using the money/borrowings of our initial stakeholders (including ourselves, of course) to launch the business. I guess that process will take the next 3/5 years as we build credibility, contacts and a team. Question – how to make the final transition into PE (pure entreprenuer)? That would only happen within Breathe Business if Simon and I no longer present or coach – we are remembered as “the original cast” and have passed the baton to a talented team of presenters and coaches. A medium to long term objective perhaps. And with my 60th coming up in 5.5 years, a worthy cause. But don’t panic – it will be “us” at the front of the room for some time to come. How about you?What category are you in at the moment? Do you want toevolve to a higher level? If so – what would that look like, how and when would it happen? I’d be glad to help you think about that.

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