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Its quite funny really – my alarm call was at 4.15am this morning, so that I could travel to Edinburgh and deliver a presentation to a group of Scottish dentists that will include references to time management and the cliche of “work/life balance”. Life as a road warrior can be taxing and my plan for 2006 was to spend far less time moving from one location to another. However, I’m only a few weeks into the year and the barriers are being tested already. It can be very easy to make promises in pursuit of business and cash flow, only to discover that the price paid in terms of physical and mental stress is too high. I need to keep an eye on this over the weeks ahead – and make sure my personal coach keeps me on track. It’s the last time I’ll mention it – but the new Sony S5 is cool and small enough to fit on the shelf of the aircraft seat in front of me, with room to spare for a cup of tea. I’m looking forward to the day ahead – a Scottish Independent Practitioners Group who have invited me to speak on The Perfect Patient Journey and an introduction to Ethical Selling. These days are often a lot of fun, especially if there are plenty of team members there and I can use some humour in the proceedings. I have to admit that, public speaking is one of my favourite activities, even though the travel can be a bind. The expectation of a room full of new faces is always a pleasure.

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