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Are you getting ready to run lean in 2023?

In July, at our London workshops, we created a 3:30 showreel to give you a taste of what it is like to be a member of The Extreme Business community. Including brief comments from some well known dentists, you can gain a sense (I hope) of the fun we have, as well as the serious work we do. See below.

I invested many hours last week in preparing our October "Patient Experience" workshop and our 2023 coaching programme content.

Next year, there will be some tweaks to the technology and the way we connect but, most importantly, a brand new workshop programme to provide training for management teams and mentoring for owners.

2023 will be about resilience, about running lean in the economic storms that we face, and about not just a guide to survival but also to sustainable growth.

We will be looking in much more detail at:

  • How to build the infrastructure of a Self-Managing Dental Business;

  • Developing the Clinician-led Practice in which the Principal is doing either less of the production or none at all;

  • The Business Case for Digital Workflow -going beyond the excitement of technological innovation to look at using "the gear" with the "right idea" - improving the patient and team experience and growing sales and profits;

  • The Ideal Team - building and improving team stability and performance through recruitment, onboarding, management and leadership.

I'm also planning our first ever Annual Conference for next year - a meeting of all the members in a fabulous location - with a focus on INNOVATION.

As I mentioned last week, we have a limited number of memberships available in the community for next year.

Last week we welcomed two new members. One is an established and respected dental laboratory looking for a 3-year strategy and the other is a young dentist who has recently purchased his first practice.

They will be joining a thriving community of humble but confident people who see themselves as having a bigger future.

You can read more about The Extreme Business 100 - 2023 - here

Please take a few minutes to watch our showreel.

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