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A guest post by Stephen Hudson


Sometimes you forget that you have a passion for things other than dentistry.  Waking up with that nagging thought that you haven’t had for over 15 years is a bit of a game changer, because you just KNOW you have to act on it.  And like you did all those years ago, you sit down day after day and end up writing a 330-page novel in 6 months.

I’ve always believed that authors are just conduits.  That the story written is just out there, floating in the ether, waiting to latch onto a willing mind to put it all on paper.  And this is what happened to me, which is why I ended up writing a novel about the Zombie Apocalypse.

Life shows you the door, and sometimes it pushes you towards it.  Sometimes it puts obstacles in your way, just to see how badly you want something.  But the door is there, and so many of us are so busy making a living that we don’t take that moment to notice, to step through.

For me the door wasn’t writing the book, it was getting accepted by the Publisher, Severed Press, which was one of those life goal moments.  I stepped through, and now I have a book that those who enjoy the genre might just want to read.

As one reviewer put it

“I went into this just hoping for a mediocre read of yet another zombie novel. I was blown away with how good this book actually was. I was caught up in the plot from the start and felt Mr. Deville did a fantastic job creating something new with this genre, which I readily admit is one of my favourites. I have read so many of these zombie books that it is hard to surprise me with something new and this well written. There are some characters I would have liked to spend more time with, but overall this is obviously well researched and as the setting is England, it brings something new to the zombie trope. I felt this was tightly written and I very highly recommend this for those that are looking for something new in their zombie reading. Great book, good length, and am looking forward to a sequel very, very soon!”

Dr Stephen Hudson BDS, MFGDP, MSc, PGD Medical Law- AKA the author Sean Deville

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