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A change for the better

What used to be The Three Mackerel on Swanpool Beach has changed ownership and re-launched as “Indaba on the Beach” – and not before time.

The problem with the old restaurant was a stunning location, modern interior, good food – and a miserable manageress leading a team of half-interested and obviously long-suffering servers.

The new team could not have been more helpful when we visited last night.

Location – still stunning.

Interior – even nicer than before.

Food and wine – outstanding.

Prices – on the very high side.

Service – the competitive edge that will ensure the success of the venture.

Fingers crossed that it stays that way.

Oh – and for all the doubters who thought that Rick Stein’s Fish and Chips would flop due to high pricing…..

We walked past yesterday afternoon and the place was buzzing with baby-boomers enjoying their £12 haddock and chips plus all the trimmings – there again, properly trained staff are making the difference.

Take a note of that in your dental practice (or any other business).

Your own competitive edge will be service.

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