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Last night on my flight to Glasgow I finished reading Chris Anderson’s latest and, yet again, was provoked into thinking deeply about dentistry and also my own coaching practice.

I would consider this book a “must read” alongside “Tribes” by Seth Godin.

In “The Long Tail” Anderson explained how the internet has opened up new markets by allowing minute purchases of obscure products and services to become profitable.

In “Free” he shows how the web has overturned many traditional economic beliefs around services that can be given away as “sprats to catch mackerels”.

Fascinating and very relevant to dentistry and consultancy.

My brain is beginning to ponder how that would look in dentistry – what would you have to/could you give away for free, so as to encourage footfall and the purchase of more profitable services?

Is the development of the CACCU, the first step in that evolutionary cycle?

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