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7explorers – an idea is born


Welcome to a new company with a mission.

Please take a few moments to look at our simple web site.

I want this post to be about YOU, not about 7explorers but first I must set the context by telling you just a little bit about who we are and what we are doing.


Who are the 4 co-founders?

  1. an experienced extreme expedition organiser who has conducted 10 independent expeditions searching the darker parts of the planet for new species:

  2. an experienced expedition doctor who is also an award-winning photographer;

  3. an experienced dive instructor who is also an expert at project management;

  4. an experienced personal and business coach (that’s me).

What we are doing?

To quote from the web site:

7explorers Ltd is a bespoke exploratory remote travel and expeditionary organisation. Individuals with minimal or no exploratory or remote travel experience will venture into ‘off the grid’ environments alongside the core team & through challenging experiences & environments, be provided the opportunity to evaluate their priorities and purpose.

How we are doing it?

From 2018 we intend to offer a variety of experiences that will include:

  1. 4-day experiences in the UK

  2. 7-day experiences in Europe

  3. 21-day experiences in remote global locations

What are we doing in 2017?

In 2017 there will be just one experience, attended by all 4 co-founders and JUST 4 GUESTS – an unprecedented ratio of experts to guests that will be a USP of our business going forward.

On 11th February 2017 we will depart London’s Heathrow airport and fly to Muscat, there to begin a 21-day experience on the coastline, mountains and deserts of Oman.


Our itinerary will include:

  1. sailing an Arab Dhow

  2. a 4×4 desert journey

  3. visiting The Lost Tombs of Oman

  4. traversing mountain, desert and wadi on foot

This is not a survival test, guests will enjoy food and drink provided but the objective is to recreate as far as possible a natural environment in which the small group will be self-sustainable.

We want our guests to discover a remote, beautiful and safe (yet seldom visited) part of the world and, at the same time, create an environment in which they can discover themselves and plan the next part of their life.


So who are you?


  1. are ready to invest 21 days in February 2017;

  2. are ready to invest 4 days in a training weekend with us in Northumberland from 29th September 2016;

  3. are ready to “fend for yourself” along with us – there is no room service on this trip!

  4. are the right mix for the group overall (we will be interviewing you to confirm that);

  5. are ready to be trained in survival, basic medical skills, wilderness photography, project management and leadership/personal development.

You already know that you are ready for this.

How much will this cost?

  1. Heathrow to Heathrow – all inclusive – £5,750 per person

  2. Northumberland training weekend – £375 per person

  3. Total investment – £6,125 per person

  4. Deposit required to secure place – £1,000 per person

We don’t want to make millions, we want to make a difference.

What do you need to do next?

Simple – just send an email to

That will come straight to me and I will arrange a Skype or personal conversation (no obligation) with you to discuss Oman 2017.

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