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Your SWOT for the day

My "first day back" was not only about getting back into gear with workflow - but also taking the pulse of The Extreme Business 100 members.

A sense check to see what, if anything, has changed in the last couple of weeks.

We have our weekly live webinar at 19:00 this evening and I asked my clients to let me have a quick SWOT analysis before the call.

Here's the briefest of summaries - how does your business compare?


Patients are still spending money;

In the private sector clinical recruitment is picking up;

Good Google Reviews.


Team members who aren't on the bus;

Clinicians who aren't on the bus;

Owner's exhaustion and overwhelm.


Expansion of premises to create more surgeries and/or more admin space;

New housing developments close by;

Amazing take up of dental plans;

TCOs getting better at their role;

Digital workflow;

Better treatment plan presentations;

Therapy-led maintenance.


Team not functioning because of internal saboteurs;

Poor leadership;

Poor time and task management;

A slow easing in the lack of access to local NHS dental services.

I'm also delighted that we welcomed a new member to The 100 yesterday - a South-Coast implant clinic that have reached a ceiling of growth and want to break through to the next level.

They have joined the right community for that.

Here's a quick PDF for your own SWOT.

Business SWOT Analysis copy
Download PDF • 120KB

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