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Your Christmas bonus this year is….

a job! I’ve had the usual last minute rush of emails from dental principals asking my opinion on their various and nefarious schemes to pay bonuses that will reward without offending. Often a question asked by principals who are concerned about current cash flow as well as the spectre of a January tax payment (and their own kids demands for Yuletide satisfaction). My opinion? Whether I walk down Falmouth High Street, around Altrincham town centre or through the city centres of England, there are two over-riding features:

  1. businesses closing down (large and small) and

  2. businesses making irresistible offers to extract some, any, cash from my pocket.

So I suggest that the best Christmas present you can give your team this year is an explanation of what you intend to do about keeping them in a job in 2009. Perhaps a PowerPoint over mince pies and sherry.

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