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Yorkshire leads the way

click here for The Academy of Clinical Excellence and my colourful friend and former client Prem Semhi click here for The North of England Dental Academy and my equally talented friend and former client Nigel Hargreaves. Is Yorkshire excluded from the recession? Have they finally declared UDI and separated from the rest of the UK, to enjoy the income stream from global sales of puddings, beer and beefy ballroom dancers? Or are these just people who are depression-proof and operating in the right markets? And then let’s add: Dream Implant and my mate and client Alex Jones – runners up for “Best New Specialist Website” at the Dentistry Web Awards 2008. Alex will be speaking with me at The Brits 2009 in February. Bow Lane Dental – and my mate James Goolnik – runners up for Best Website. Smile Essential – and the simply lovely Shrik and Lina Kotecha – former clients and good friends, winners of “Best Mixed Practice Website”. OK – so Bow Lane is in the City and Smile Essentials is Leicester. But you get my drift – there are people out there buidling successful businesses – and there are others helping them to get better both clinically and operationally. I’m enjoying my work so much at the moment – and stuff like this really inspires me.

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