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Would you wait 17 years for a new patient?

I equalled my own record yesterday, when a prospective new coaching client began our call by explaining that he first heard me speak at a conference in Edinburgh 17 years ago.

I'm very grateful to Max Dagnall at Neodent who, after hearing his client expressing some concerns about the strategic future of his business, suggested that he reach out to me for some advice.

Three factors at work there:

  • My relentless commitment to speaking, writing and broadcasting for the last 25 years;

  • The results obtained for previous clients in similar circumstances;

  • The word of mouth recommendation from a trusted supplier.

In the case of a dental practice, would you be happy to wait for 17 years for a new patient to arrive?

I hope you answer is a resounding :"yes" and that you have a similar approach and outlook:

  • A relentless commitment to producing an email patient newsletter, a practice blog, a podcast and multiple social media posts;

  • A gallery of patient stories to showcase your talents;

  • Years of dedicated service to patients who know that it's OK to recommend you to their family, friends and colleagues.

People will contact you when they are ready and if they know you are there.

Let me tell you that it's always worth the wait - especially when it happens every week.

17 years - and still hoping to beat that record at some stage.

(slightly concerned that it will soon be "my Mum heard you speak 30 years ago and told me I should call you").

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