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Winter has arrived

Winter is late arriving this year but the nationwide freezing fog is still with us, airports are still almost closed (all domestic flights cancelled) and the frosty mornings are beginning in earnest. My “man-cold” has settled into a debilitating chest infection and a head that feels stuffed with cotton-wool. As you can imagine, I am fabulous company. Today I’m taking it very slowly and my only venture outside is likely to be the 10 paces to take the photograph. As a weak winter sun begins to peek through the fog at 10.00am, it’s casting a glow over the fields I see from my desk. The shortest day of the year was yesterday – so we are now on the upward slope to summer! I have emails to answer, a couple of brief phone calls this afternoon – and although there are some last minute retail chores before Christmas, I think I’ll stay inside today and feel sorry for myself.

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