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Why Your MRC Shouldn't Be Replaced by Your CRM: Understanding the Importance of Both

We need to spend less time obsessing about "which CRM system?"

Customer Relationship Management

And more time thinking about and planning "how best do we MRC?"

Manage the Relationship with the Customer

CRM is often taken to be about software and automation. Email sequences, pipelines and reports.

That's absolutely the right thing - we need systems and processes and we need time-saving automation.

MRC is about adding the personal touch:

  • a hand-written note to say "thank you"

  • an unsolicited phone call to ask "how are you?"

  • remembering my coffee preferences;

  • breaking the rules to accommodate my circumstances.

Make sure you have both and don't fall into the trap (as some businesses do) of replacing MRC with CRM.

Can you remember Paddi Lund's "critical non-essentials"?

CRM can be driven by technology.

MRC is championed by people who care.

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