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Who is the Fool?

Welcome to 1st April.

No news isn't good news - no news is an insult to your intelligence.

You're the fool - if you think there is any long-term future for the smaller independent owner in the provision of NHS dentistry.

Whether or not the UDA rates on offer are rapidly increasing as local areas use taxpayers money to try and plug the access gaps (£40 a UDA with £20 a UDA for the dentist?).

Whatever knee-jerk promises are made to try and keep you "in" and no matter how disruptive those promises are to the overall landscape.

It's time (if you haven't done so already) to plan your exit (convert) or escape (sell) route from the NHS - and leave it to the faceless bureaucrats who think it's OK to have NOT told you what your new terms are business are from today.

It's time to leave the provision of NHS dentistry to the institutional investors who have the deep pockets required to subsidise this broken system, to "rationalise" variable and fixed costs and use it to turn a quick profit and/or cross-sell other products and services to a captive database.

Whilst I'm at it..........

I could add that you are equally a fool:

  • If you think you'll be able to get away with low wages for your "staff";

  • If you think that innovation is too risky and that new ideas "will never catch on";

  • If you think that anything less than "brilliant" in business will suffice.

I know you're not a fool.

Forget New Year - why not make a resolution - today - to stop tolerating anything less than brilliant.

Your plan might take a year or more to reach fruition - but it will be worth it.

An end to being treated like a fool and to become the master of your own destiny.

If you need help with that exit or escape plan -

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