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Who are you going "to be" today?

I'm indebted to my client Dr. Tara Thomas who, in a recent weekly progress report, explained that she was working on her "to be" list as well as her "to do" list.

Her "to be" list included characteristics such as "present, grateful, compassionate, kind, generous, strong".

A timely reminder that we all wake up every morning with a never-ending "to do" list and a variety of ways in which we keep track, be it written notes or cloud-based applications. I use both - my Full Focus Planner and the "Todoist" application.

We also rise each day with a choice - of who we are going "to be" in our dealings with those around us.

In this week's trackers (our weekly reporting system for clients), I'm reading about widespread exhaustion as weeks of long hours in PPE begin to take their toll.

Equally, I'm hearing stories about the ongoing challenges of dealing with difficult people - patients, team members and clinicians who don't necessarily want to play the game by fair rules.

When we are tired and under pressure it can be easy to knee-jerk into a way of "being" that isn't in harmony with our core values.

Tara reminds us all that connecting with those values at the start of each day is good soul food.

Today, like you, I have loads "to do".

Let's make sure that we intend "to be" the best version of ourselves.

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