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Which list?

hand draw to do list on note taped recycle paper

A personal coaching exercise.

Take 2 sheets of blank paper and a pen.

  1. write a list of the achievements, events and relationships in your life, past and present, that you are proud of;

  2. write a list of the failures and disappointments that you are embarrassed about (or maybe even ashamed of).

I call the first list:

My Hit List

and the second:

My Shit List.

You don’t have to share either list with anyone.

In fact, no point.

If you share your hit list, folks will think you are arrogant.

If you share your shit list, 80% won’t care and 20% will be glad.

(only kidding – but you know what I mean)

Here’s what you do have to do though.

Every day.

Decide which list you are going to show up with in life.

Show up with the Hit List and you will inspire.

Show up with the Shit List and you will discourage.

Your choice.

Nobody else’s.

Have a nice day.


Coaching Tip:

When you wake up at 04:00 and can’t get back to sleep – the gremlins only ever let you read the Shit List.

Keep a Hit List by the bed, switch the light on (gremlins hate the light) and read it until you fall asleep.

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