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"Where do I start?"

It's a question I've been asked a lot in the last few weeks, by both existing clients and those new to the Extreme Business coaching experience.

I've created a rod for my own back by sharing "52 steps to double your profits in the next 36 months."

You might be comforted by the fact that, at our London Mastermind meeting for Owners last Friday (around 45 in the room), the highest score was 36/52 already in place - the lowest score was 3/52 in place - even some of the award-winning practices in the room still have a lot to do.

I asked my delegates to prioritise the missing steps (whether there were 16 left to complete or 49!) and then to realistically time activate those steps over the next three years.

It sounds simple enough.

However, clients still come to me at the end of the day, asking "where do I start?" It's a case of not knowing what they don't know - I get that.

So here's a very generic prioritised task list:

  1. You MUST, MUST, MUST know your numbers. So any gaps in the financial systems have to be completed before all else. That's why my quarter 2 workshops will be focused entirely on that subject - I'm asking all who attend to complete our beginner's course on finances, "The Complete Money Course" on our e-learning platform, before they arrive next time - so that I can show them how to apply the knowledge and go straight to the advanced stuff;

  2. You have to build robust internal marketing systems (unless you are a squat - in which case external advertising systems), so that you can ensure a steady stream of new patient enquiries, especially when the current economic cycle has reached its zenith and consumer confidence has fallen;

  3. Delivering a remarkable patient experience will create high levels of new patient conversion, loyalty in your preventative maintenance programme, higher than average treatment plan values and a strong patient referral system;

  4. Learning to be a Great Boss and teaching your managers the same will build a team in whom you can place your trust. That includes becoming an exceptional clinical mentor.

Once the above 4 steps are in place, we can then start working on the individual tactics that will plug profit holes, tweak performance and grow profits.

Time for you to make that start?

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