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When was the last time this happened in dentistry?

Last Thursday we welcomed 489 delegates to our Front of House Development Programme.

Over 200 individual Zoom connections were made with our live Thursday lunchtime webinar, as Lisa Bainham and myself began our 12-week journey, intended to raise the confidence level and knowledge of your team.

We know that some of those connections were to groups, who were enjoying our broadcast as a lunch and learn exercise - one of my clients reported 17 team members watching us on one big screen.

So I ask the question in my title - when was the last time that 489 front of house team members gathered for a collective training programme - and joined a WhatsApp Group to talk to each other?

May I respectfully suggest "never"?

We are so excited to be ground-breaking here and on Friday and Monday I was delighted to read emails from Principals and Managers telling us how fired up their teams were after the event.

This Thursday at 13:00 we begin week #2 - The Patient Experience: understanding the complete patient journey and the significant role that the FOH team play.

All of our webinars are recorded for catch up and playback (and they deliver automated vCPD).

Below is a 60-second clip from last week's webinar - it's still not too late to bring your own FOH team to the party - you can find out more here:

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