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What’s going on in dentistry this week?

My amazing week finishes on the main platform at Birmingham’s International Convention Centre, where I conduct the morning session at Dentistry Live! – a “warm up” for Jennifer de St Georges in the afternoon. We enjoyed ourselves hugely yesterday, with an audience of 200 – and I’m delighted to say that, not only was the Breathe stand swamped with enquiries in the breaks, but I also welcomed back a dormant client into our Birmingham Breathe Business Club, simply on the basis of my presentation.

I don’t go to “gigs” with any other intention than to sign up ezine readers – so making a real sale was the cherry on the cake this week.

I think it is also a metaphor for where dentistry UK is right now.

Principals are ready to move to their next level – and willing to invest in themselves.

On Monday and Tuesday Simon and I worked at Chandos House in London with our London Breathe Business Club (principals and senior management – rising entreprenuers and serious players).

On Wednesday I stayed at Chandos House to present our Team Training Day on “teamwork”.

On Thursday I spent the day in practice at Bow Lane Dental Group in the City.

And Friday is the ICC in Birmingham.

What am I hearing?

That the independent dentist has woken up to the fact that corporates, Virgin Healthcare, regulation and recession mean that THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT.

And different means:

  1. robust and smart financial modelling

  2. innovation and acceleration in marketing

  3. focus on concierge-level customer service

  4. teamwork like you have never seen before

It was also interesting that every one of the major players in the provision of membership schemes had a stand at the conference – they are booming as dentists wake up to the fact that they have to spread the cost of affordable family dentistry.

It’s Saturday morning and I’m breaking the rules by working at my desk on a free day.

I left home at 6.00am last Monday morning and arrived back at 10.30pm last night.

Monday morning I’ll be driving off to Bristol for another 4 days on the road.

Harvest time.

Breathe Business is booming – but we have vacancies for clients!

A two-week break commencing Easter Friday is keeping me going – plus plenty of tea, adrenalin and the feedback of appreciative audiences and clients.

My favourite comment yesterday:

Chris – when we first met you 4 years ago we were grossing £30,000 a month in sales. We did everything you suggested and we now gross £80,000 a month is sales. It’s time to get to the next level – can we rejoin your programmes please?
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