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What is The Coaching Business School 2005?

I really “got it” on today’s call-in day with clients (15-minute laser coaching calls all day) that we deliver three outcomes in the CBS: 1. a template that I have used to create a 6/7 figure practice with 33% profit before tax for myself and 12 weeks vacation – and clients who rave about their outcomes! 2. my personal ability to hold a room of 50 people for three days and to have the time fly by; 3. a community in which the participating coaches adapt, improve and ignore the template and then share their collective experiences, create friendships and make each other accountable for progress. Oh – and there is a 4th benefit – that as my professional life evolves, every adversity creates a new innovation. The more I think about this, the more I realise that what we do is unique and priceless.

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