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What HS2 teaches us about staying on track (and an opportunity for you to achieve financial mastery)

A very good Monday morning and my first day back at work after two weeks in Greece (about which, more tomorrow).

We returned home over the weekend to news of significant alterations and extensions to the proposed route for HS2, which will be ploughing a deep furrow through the Cheshire countryside just a mile or so from where we currently live - and will be causing significant changes to the landscape around nearby Hale Barns, including the creation of a new railway station and motorway junction on what is currently a golf course and green belt overlooked by super-expensive luxury homes.

Annie and I spent some time over the weekend looking at the maps and imagining the level and length of disruption as the project reaches our post code - and also what the new landscape might look like.

However - we are moving! Another excursion over the weekend was to see the progress on our new home which, if all goes according to plan, will be completing at the end of September, for an October/November move. Our new residence will be 25 km south from where we live now and the proposed HS2 line will pass around 7 km east of our front door - bullet dodged.

This morning's Guardian newspaper carries a report that the whole HS2 project has been branded officially as "unachievable" by the Government's own infrastructure watchdog:

You can read the full article HERE.

I read that work at Euston has been postponed for two years as the original budget of £2.6bn has now risen to £4.8bn!

Which brings me to the subject of budgets and cash flows.

Yesterday (Sunday morning) I invested two hours of my time in updating my personal budget and cash flow after three weeks away including work and holidays. This week I'll be in conversation with Phillippa on the budgets and cash flows for the business.

That's Priority #1 on my huge task list for the week - because staying on course financially is, and always will be, my number one objective in life. It gives me peace of mind and the confidence to be of best use to my clients.

It always bewilders me that so many publicly-funded projects veer wildly off and over budget - be it NHS computer systems or national transport infrastructure projects - how do so many clever people manage to get it so wrong, so often?

You and I have much smaller businesses of course - but at the end of the day it's still addition, subtraction, multiplication and division isn't it?

That's why on Thursday 5th October 2023, I'll be presenting a full-day workshop (09:30 to 17:30) on the subject of financial modelling in the business of dentistry at this year's Dentinal Tubules conference.

Whether you are starting out on your ownership journey, have an established business that may have plateaued, are looking to expand or want to "polish the silver" prior to a sale - this will be the complete guide to how MONEY works in the business of dentistry (and will include updated KPI's and modern business models from the post-pandemic landscape.

No previous experience necessary, no bookkeeping or accountancy knowledge required and I'll be sharing with my audience plenty of templates and guides to confidence in finance.

Read more HERE.

If my house-builder told me they were going over-budget by 85% - if you told a patient that their treatment plan was going to 85% more expensive than originally quoted - we both know what would happen next.

In October I'll be sharing the secrets of financial mastery - a pity they can't get that right with our taxpayers' money.

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