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What clients want now.

Call-in day on Tuesday and I decided to keep a log of the questions my clients were asking me. Here they are:

  1. How much do I invest in marketing – 5%/10%?

  2. Can you recommend a great dental web site to look at –

  3. I’m making progress in creating a franchise prototype – how do I make it work?

  4. Just back from holiday – trying to get myself back in the groove – any tips?

  5. I’m working with my graphic designers on the look and feel of my web site – what do you think about emailed business cards within a corporate client?

  6. I suspect my associate is cooking the books financially – what should I do?

  7. In the middle of a private conversion – initial take-up has flattened off – when should we write a second time to our patients?

  8. Practice uniforms. One of my associates responded to the introduction of staff uniforms by saying “I don’t want to get involved with this corporate sh!t” at a staff meeting – how should I respond?

  9. Reviewing a conversion letter for a practice who are going private in September

  10. Organised a conference call for September to role play answers to FAQ’s from patients

  11. Recruitment – how important are dress, style of speech and overall demeanour? Why not hold an audition?

  12. Can I pick your brains? One of the hygienists is “squeezing” the appointment times – normally 40 minutes but appointments keepfinishing early – how best should I discuss this with her?

  13. 3 care nurses – 1 part-timer back from maternity leave and has personal issues that are making her behaviour unattractive – demands for more money. She is missing team meetings and training because of child-care issues. How best should I approach this problem with her?

  14. Patients are travelling long distances to see us – and arrive late! What should our protocol be?

  15. The Smile Check – can I have some examples please?

  16. Local advertorial – focus on the people in your practice and not the clever dentistry. The shortest route to the money is tooth whitening.

  17. Can you help me in focusing on a niche market for my services?

  18. Help me to increase my sales!

  19. Can you describe the protocols for dealing with dentists and patients who run late.

  20. Can you describe for me the process that you use on your annual retreat.

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