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What can you say in 10 minutes?

Just about to start a call-in day (from my car as I drive to Reading for the first of 3 workshops this week). But the blogging habit is so embedded that I have to write “something”. So the question I ask myself is: “What happened to me yesterday, personally or professionally, good or bad, that is of most use to pass on right now?” And the answer is: “Do not tolerate situations, things or people whose performance or behaviour are bugging you.” I enjoyed a great meeting with Bonnie yesterday, looking at our cash flow forecasts until 31st December (looking great) and our current marketing activity – (even better!). But to make our business consistently cash flow positive and to create reserves, I have to secure better sales and reduce unnecessary expenditure. We have arranged a further meeting at the end of the month to review finances and achieve that objective. 3 weeks on tour now, with our “Building an award-winning team” evening presentations. Interesting observation about dentists – they need 3 months notice for day-time seminars and workshops – but evening “gigs” are still producing last minute bookings (5 yesterday). If you would like to see us – click here.

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