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What are the Champions League practices doing today?

I frequently find myself writing lists of “best practice” as I travel - looking at what’s working in the business of dentistry amongst the most successful clients I have the opportunity to coach.

Every now and then a new PDF emerges, usually when I sense a shift in the marketplace.

January has provided that shift after only a few days of the new year, so here’s an updated version of what I’m seeing out there.

The question to ask yourself is a simple one - are we doing this?


  • Cloud-based accountancy

  • Monthly management accounts

  • Monthly KPI analysis

  • Monthly comparison of budget and actual cash flow

  • Quarterly calculation of operating cost per surgery per day

  • Quarterly calculation of fee-earners average daily production and profitability


  • Team-led internal marketing (see last month’s newsletter on “the 5%’ers”)

  • Use of the complete array of Low Cost Marketing techniques - please download the updated copy of our 2020 Low Cost Marketing Mind Map HERE

  • A well-established and publicised CSR policy - community, environment and team

The Patient Experience

  • Separation of reception and telephony

  • Front desk protocols established and rehearsed

  • TCO-led new patient assessments - using intra-oral scanners

  • TCO-led complete patient journey

  • The Complete Visual Patient Journey (see download HERE)

  • Using Powerpoint and Camtasia to present treatment plans

  • A robust End of Treatment Review protocol - we have a 45-minute tutorial dedicated to this on the Extreme Business Academy which you can purchase for just £25


  • Excellent managers

  • Therapy-led preventative maintenance

  • Focus on high-profit treatment modalities (“The IVI League practice” - Invisalign/Veneers/Implants)


  • Fully integrated digital workflow

  • In-house CDT’s

  • In-house 3D printing

This list is not complete, simply a selection of the most obvious trends I’m seeing. If you can add to the list, please email me at

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